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Furniture Storage

Our Facility

Groves Moving & Storage has a 10,000 square foot facility specifically for furniture storage. Our warehouse is conveniently located in Harlingen, Texas just north of the intersection of US Hwy 77 and US Hwy 83. Our facility is twenty miles north of Brownsville, fifteen miles east of Weslaco and thirty miles east of McAllen. We invite you to inspect our warehouse. Good housekeeping is a sign of a well run facility.

Proper storage requires proper preparation, skilled handling and adequate protection in a building which is suitable for the preservation of furniture. At least two weeks in advance, you should contact us for an estimate in writing for packing, appliance servicing, pickup, handling and storage, monthly insurance or valuation charges and – if you know where the furniture will be delivered – the estimated delivery charge.

Storage Agreement

Groves Moving will provide you with a copy of our standard storage agreement defining the terms and provisions of the agreement and the type of coverage against loss or damage being offered. The warehouse accepts limited liability not to exceed 60¢ per pound of weight per article for damage caused by error of the warehouseman. On a 50 lb article, you can recover up to $30 if the damage is the fault of the mover. In place of this limited coverage, valuation coverage or insurance may be offered for a recurring monthly premium. If you purchase insurance, you should get a policy or certificate outlining the terms, limits and exclusions. Insurance is normally offered on local or long term storage. Valuation coverage is normally offered on storage related to a move. It is not insurance. The mover is agreeing to underwrite a risk over and above his nominal liability. The terms of valuation coverage are defined in the Bill of Lading or storage agreement.

Both valuation and insurance normally feature standard limitations and exclusions. Mold, mildew, rust, infestation and natural deterioration are not normally covered as they are considered to be latent defects in the articles which were tendered for storage. Refrigerators and freezers should be cleaned with a dilute solution of bleach before storage. Woolens and silks should be dry cleaned or fumigated for insect larvae. It is incumbent upon the owner of the goods to prepare all articles for storage and normal handling by treating and servicing susceptible items before they are released to the warehouseman. Thereafter, the owner should either perform or arrange for periodic treatment as may be necessary.

Before your furniture is loaded be sure to accompany the driver when he does his inventory. The driver will numerically tag each item he removes from your residence and key the tag numbers to the inventory list. Be sure you agree with the drivers notations of exception on loading. Be sure to declare to the driver any items of exceptional or hidden value so they can be properly noted on the driver’s inventory.

On redelivery, you should check each item off the inventory list as it is received back. If any items are missing, you must declare the shortage on the driver’s inventory at delivery. If items are damaged, note the inventory and call for a claim form immediately. Noting loss or damage on the inventory does not constitute a proper ‘filing’. Claim forms must be filed within a specified period of time after delivery.

Local Storage Rates

Size Min 2BR 3BR 4BR 5BR 5BR+
Weight (Lbs) 1000 4000 8000 12000 16000 20000
Local Pick Up or Delivery $368 $700 $1400 $2100 $2800 $3500
Handling (In+Out)
$4.50 per 100 lb
$45 $180 $360 $540 $720 $900
Storage per Month
$4.50 per 100 lb
$45 $180 $360 $540 $720 $900

Replacement coverage is $10 per $1000 value ($5 w/$500 deductible) for transportation to or from warehouse and the first 60 days storage. After 60 days, an extension premium of $2 per $1000 ($1 w/$500 deductible) applies for each 30 days or fraction.

Actual cash value (depreciated value) coverage is $7 per $1000 value for transportation to or from warehouse and the first 60 days storage, then an extension premium of $1 per $1000 value applies for each 30 days or fraction. No deductible is offered on actual cash value coverage. 

THIS IS NOT INSURANCE – see Valuation.

Packing & Materials

Type of Carton (LxWxH) New Box
Used Box
Dish Pack 
Book Box
Medium Box
Medium/Large Box
Wardrobe (w/Bar+$1)
(37″X4″X < 60")
King or Queen
Mattress/Box Spring
Double (Full)
Mattress/Box Spring
Single (Twin)
Matt/Box Spr

Packing Accessories

Item Qty. Price
Paper 25 or 50 Lb $25 or $45/Bdl
PadPaper 48″ 250 Ft $75/Roll
Plastic Tape 55 Yds. $1.25/Roll
Stretch Wrap 18″ Width $25/Roll
Tri-Wall Ctn 15 Cu Ft $15 Each
Tissue No Partials $30/Ream
Bubble Wrap 24″ 125 Ft $62.50/Rl
Washer Lock Top Load $5/Each

Storage Agreement

Before you store your goods, review the Storage Agreement that defines the terms and provisions of the mover’s services.

Depository “Valuation Coverage” against mover mishandling or all risk depository“Insurance” may be offered. Both forms of coverage have deductibles, limitations and exclusions. Be sure you understand which type of coverage you are ordering.

Helpful Resources

Download the following brochures and articles for additional information on household moves.

Storage Agreement

Before you store your goods, review the Storage Agreement that defines the terms and provisions of our services.
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