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Vehicle Transport

Moving may involve more than just the transfer of your household goods. Cars and other specialty items need the same professional care. Groves Moving & Storage provides professional transportation services for your automobiles, boats and trailers.

Automobiles, boats and trailers may be transported either on special carriers or inside the moving van along with furniture items. For in-van moves the van operator will build a deck over the area he plans to position the vehicle and stack boxes and smaller furniture items on this deck to conserve space. There are special ramps called ‘split board’ ramps specifically designed with the strength necessary for handling cars. Once on board, the car will be blocked and braced inside the van and then pad wrapped for protection in transit. Depending on the service requested, vehicles may be pre-shipped, shipped at the same time as the furniture or shipped at a later date to accommodate your special needs.

Scheduling & Services

Minimum lead time is seven days during the off season and two weeks between May 15 and September 15. Delivery on First Class Service will be made within a reasonable transit time. Delivery on other service classes will be made within specified delivery ‘windows’.

There are additional charges for over-sized vehicles such as pickup trucks, vans, and SUV’s. Depending on the season, there may be added charges if the mover is required to ship the vehicle in-van instead of allowing the mover to select between van service and a car carrier. Additional charges will be made if the vehicle is not in running condition.

Other than automotive accessories, no household or personal items may be shipped inside the vehicle.

Vehicle Inventory

When your vehicle is loaded, the driver will prepare a descriptive inventory of the vehicle and indicate the mileage, condition of the vehicle interior and any damage or blemishes to the exterior. You will be required to sign the inventory so be sure you agree with the driver’s description. Unlike furniture moves, you have no grace period to claim concealed damages on a vehicle transport.

Once you sign the inventory at delivery, only those exceptions noted on the form when you take possession of the vehicle will be considered for any claim received subsequent to the shipment. Be sure you go over the vehicle thoroughly and note any change in condition between the time it was loaded and the time you received it.

Helpful Resources

Download the following brochures and articles for additional information on household moves.