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Groves Moving & Storage can provide an online estimate for moving, storage or valleywide logistics services.


Groves Moving & Storage provides comprehensive moving services in and around the Rio Grande Valley. Whether you are moving across the street or across the Valley, our professional movers are friendly, experienced, and eager to make your move as painless as possible.

Our local moving rates are by the hour. Packing may be charged by the box or by the hour with the cost of boxes added in. Contact us to request a survey and an itemized estimate prior to your move. If you are certain what is to be moved and what services you will need, you may request a firm ‘bid’; however, only those items listed and those services requested on the estimate may be handled for the bid price. Many families pack and move their smaller items, leaving only the bulky items for the movers. This can result in a substantial cost savings.

It is customary for movers to accept liability limited not to exceed 60¢ per pound of weight per article for damage caused by fault of the mover. If a 50 pound article were damaged by the movers, you could recover up to $30 on a claim. Additional coverage may be requested for an extra premium, but you may have additional charges for an inventory and breakage inside cartons is not covered unless fragile articles are packed by the movers. Mirrors, glass tops and items which could be blanket wrapped and carried loose must be packed as if they are traveling long distance. Goods moving locally may not be stacked to the top of the van as they are in a long distance move and items may not be subjected to the same level of stack stress. A misdelivery is rare when only one load of goods is on the truck. Many families opt for the mover’s limited liability instead of the more expensive ‘insured’ move.

The less you have to move, the less your moving cost will be. Have a garage sale in advance of your relocation to get rid of some of the ‘junk’ normally accumulated by families over the years. Do your own packing. Disassemble the beds. Disconnect appliance hookups. Usually, anything which saves the mover time will save you money.

Local Moving Rates (Portal to Portal)

Van+Driver $60/Hr
Helpers $30/hr
By Appointment – 4 Hour Minimum
Carrier’s Convenience – 2 Hour Minimum

Size Min 2BR 3BR 4BR 5BR 5BR+
Weight (Lbs) 2100 4000 8000 12000 16000 20000
Approx Cost $368 $700 $1400 $2100 $2800 $3500

Transit Coverage
Actual Cash Value $7/$1000 value
Replacement Value-$10/$1000 Value
($5/$1000 w/$500 deductible)

Packing & Materials

Type of Carton (LxWxH) New Box
Used Box
Dish Pack 
Book Box
Med Lg
Wardrobe (w/Bar+$1)
(37″X4″X < 60")
King or Queen
Matt/Box Spr
Double (Full)
Matt/Box Spr
Single (Twin)
Matt/Box Spr

Packing Accessories

Item Qty. Price
Paper 25 or 50 Lb $25 or $45/Bdl
PadPaper 48″ 250 Ft $75/Roll
Plastic Tape 55 Yds. $1.25/Roll
Stretch Wrap 18″ Width $25/Roll
Tri-Wall Ctn 15 Cu Ft $15 Each
3/8″ Bubble Wrap 24″X175 Ft $125/Roll
1/2″ Bubble Wrap 24″X125 Ft $125/Roll
Washer Lock Top Load $5/Each

Helpful Resources

Download the following brochures and articles for additional information on household moves.