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Commercial & Industrial Moves

Office and industrial moves need special planning. They pose additional concerns which don’t normally apply to household relocations – factors such as down time, transition of vital computer services and telephone equipment, security for files and data. Proper scheduling and planning for the placement and installation of furnishings, fixtures and equipment at the new site can be a science unto itself.

While relocation expenses are certainly an important consideration, the costs resulting from down time and disorganization can have an even bigger impact on your company’s bottom line. Finding a mover with the experience and ability to perform on schedule and within budget is essential to office and industrial relocations.

Formal relocation proposals should be requested well in advance of the projected start date. Competing movers with experience in transfers similar to yours should be invited to survey the job and provide their input as well as their pricing. If you are definite what is to be moved and the scope of services the mover will be asked to provide, you may request a firm price or ‘BID’, but only those items and services defined in a firm proposal will be covered under the bid price. Most movers usually add a contingency factor to any firm proposal – which may increase your cost. If you are asking for a firm price on a large relocation, it may be beneficial to request a separate price proposal for each department involved or, if the move will be done over several different periods of time, a separate proposal for each segment of the relocation. This can be especially helpful to your accounting department.

If you are not certain of the items to be transferred or the services which will ultimately be required, you should request an estimate with a stated tariff discount or local hourly rate with itemized prices for the materials and equipment necessary to the move. If your relocation is unusually large, complicated or depends upon a number of scheduling contingencies, a non binding proposal is not only appropriate, it may even save you money and offer greater flexibility.

Get It in Writing

A proper moving proposal involves more than just pricing. It is important to get specific representations from each prospective mover as to the amount and type of liability they are assuming for on the job injury, damage to buildings, vehicle accident and damage to the goods being shipped. The nature of the equipment and materials to be used should be specified. Terms of payment should be defined. The mover should be required to provide evidence of proper licensing, permits and insurance. The mover should be requested to provide a resume of similar relocations he has performed and a list of contacts so those representations may be verified.

Movers must often turn down other work to accommodate larger projects and if you have scheduling changes there can be penalties. If your move is sizeable, the consequences of delays or cancellation should be specified in your moving contract.

Request for Proposals

If your firm does not have a standard “Request for Proposal”, you might want to consider the generic Bid Solicitation form we’ve provided here. Copy it and then find/replace “OUR COMPANY” with your own company name.

Helpful Resources

Download the following brochures and articles for additional information on household moves.